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Announcement: Covid-19 – Message to our members and partners

due to evolving situation with the COVID-19 and the travel restrictions imposed by the different European countries,
the management board of the project decided that we cannot maintain the physical General meeting in Copenhagen in May.
We therefor will hold the meeting in a videoconferencing mode, so please keep the 2 days reserved from other activities to join the virtual meeting.

Announcement: Transport Minister inaugurates the self-driving bus in Aalborg East

On 5 March 2020, Aalborg East will write Danish history. The first pilot project with self-driving buses on Danish roads will be inaugurated here, and Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht will be there to cut the cord. In December 2019, after almost 5 years of planning and application process, permission was granted for the first time […]

Video: Holo’s participation in a Horizon 2020 project

Published by Holo Finance, experience, and network. Product Development Lead Pernille Lytzen points out the benefits of being part of a Horizon 2020 project. The Ministry for Higher Education and Research in Denmark is currently running an informative campaign for businesses about EU’s Horizon 2020. They interviewed Pernille who talks about the benefits of being […]

Newspaper: Lyon inaugure sa sixième ligne de tramway

Après trois ans de travaux, les transports en commun s’enrichissent d’une nouvelle ligne de tram. Son prolongement est déjà programmé jusqu’à La Doua pour finaliser un parcours en rocade au- tour du centre-ville. Le mois de novembre aura vu l’opérateur de transport inaugurer une demi- douzaine de nouveaux services. Son prochain budget de mandat devrait doubler (1,8 milliard) pour investir dans les mobilités propres.