Lyon Demonstrator Site

The AVENUE solution will be running in the Lyon Confluence district. It is a vast 150-hectares site located at the confluence of the Saone and Rhone rivers, in the heart of Lyon. For many years, life in Confluence revolved around industry and its river port. Confluence has been recognized as an eco-friendly district by the French government, a sustainable district by WWF, and has acquired the European label Concerto, for the low energetic consumption of its buildings.

The Lyon-Confluence project is one of Europe’s biggest urban projects to develop a city centre.

No public transport modes were present on the area near the river Saone. However a tram station exists on the main street near Charlemagne station and a regional train line crosses the district without stopping, except at the Lyon Perrache main station, at the North of the Confluence district.

An on-demand shuttle service will also be tested during the project, in order to offer a better service to customers by letting them order the shuttle under specific condition (during off-peak periods for instance).

By the time the AVENUE project will start, a mobile application will exist for the NAVLY service. Thanks to it, the customers will be able to see the position of the shuttles on the route. An extension of the application could let them know the time of arrival at each station and let them order it during off-peak hours.

Lyon has over 2.2 million inhabitants. It is the second largest urban area in France after Paris. Thanks to excellent transport infrastructure, Lyon is under 2 hours away from all major European cities and you can fly to over 115 destinations from Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport. The TCL (Transports en Commun Lyonnais), Lyon’s all-four public transit system, is operated by Keolis Lyon, and consists of metro, tramways and buses serving 62 communes of the Lyon agglomeration. Life sciences and green-technologies are the pillars of Lyon’s industrial dynamic with many leading companies in these fields. The city’s major research and higher-education establishments testify to its innovation capabilities, with 13,300 researchers and some 600 laboratories. Since September 2016, Keolis Lyon and Navya have been trialling a first-and-last mile service with 2 autonomous shuttles linked to the tram station at Charlemagne (see below). These shuttles, driving on a 1.35-kilometer-long pathway, are the only transportation modes able to offer a service in this area, connecting the tram station and the office buildings close to the Saone river.


The area around the Groupama Stadium is currently being intensely developed. In the next months and years, several professional buildings, restaurants, a hotel, a recreation centre, and a medical centre will be built. These different kinds of activities are expected to cause small flow of passengers all along the day, and AVs would help speed up travellers’ flows and prevent congestion at the bus station Décines Grand Large.

The new AV service in the area would transport people between the tram station Décines Grand Large and the Groupama Stadium, being complimentary to another bus line. At the beginning of the pilot project, two shuttles will run between two stops, one at the tram station and one at the stadium. In a later use case, a third stop could be added. The map below shows the route as foreseen and as submitted to the PTA. Please note that this map shows just an indication of the expected track. The PTA (SYTRAL) is still working on the final decision.

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