Communication activities summary

The AVENUE project teams have been actively engaged on several fronts to promote the visibility of the project but also that of the AMs and the On demand and Door-to-door technologies more widely. More than one million people have been informed about the project.

The teams have also carried out various dissemination activities to make the results of the project better known to the general public.

The AVENUE project communication took place via several methods

Social media

The AVENUE project was promoted on the different social media through the project’s dedicated channels. By this means, we were also able to answer the questions asked by our visitors/followers (functioning, schedules, etc.) and could keep them informed of our teams’ latest achievements.

The project’s partners being also present on these networks, they also contributed to the AVENUE project/AM technology visibility and allowed the PTOs to launch invitations to use their AM services.

Twitter: 650 followers, hundreds of Tweets.

Youtube: 120 followers, 20 video contents cumulating thousands of views.

Facebook: 114 followers.

LinkedIn: 435 followers.

See also the news via social media section.

AVENUE Website

The AVENUE Website includes :

    • The description of the different demonstrators and replicators deployments.

AVENUE Youtube channel

A Youtube channel dedicated to the project allowed the public to follow the different achievements of the AVENUE project and to gather the promotional videos produced by the PTOs that highlight all of the demonstrators deployments and their specificities. We also published some livestream videos of the Automated Minibuses operation on the different AVENUE demonstration sites in parallel. The contents’ analysis showed that the Youtube AVENUE channel videos reached some very varied audiences and the study of the associated comments showed that the opinion of those who have seen these videos was significantly better than amongst our general surveys.

Influencers on-site visits

We invited some influencers on different AVENUE deployment sites to produce and diffuse some video contents presenting the project and underlining the advantages of the Autonomous Minibus model.

Women and Men, these influencers are coming from very different backgrounds and are addressing to English, French, German and Hungarian languages speakers whose interests range from sustainable development to car styling and electric vehicles through science, lifestyle and high-tech.

Some macro-influencers, with a several million people audience, have allowed the AVENUE dedicated contents to almost reach 100,000 views.

Some micro-influencers, selected for their specialization, did not allow us to reach such a large audience but have also got a very important impact because of the high leverage this type of influencers have on their subscribers, who themselves also relay the information very strongly.

This operation was a great success, it introduced/familiarized numerous people to AM services and their benefits and encouraged trust and acceptance. Our teams were able to establish that the opinions of those who attended one of the Youtubers’ videos were significantly more favourable than those of the general population.

Printed and Online media

The AVENUE project has also been featured in print and online media such as:  Le quotidien, Traffic technology international, L’ingénieur de l’Auto, La Tribune de Genève, Medium, Techbuzz,, Mobilités magazine, 20 minutes, 24 heures, le Matin and tens of others.

Broadcast media also publicized the AVENUE project and its various achievements and showed everyone what AMs services had to offer (Swissinfo-SWI, France culture, RTS, etc.).

More details on the media coverage section.

TV/Radio shows

The AVENUE project has been the subject of TV and radio shows that have been broadcasted on national prime time channels (RTL, France 3 region etc) which gave the project a massive visibility.

Scientific/academic publishing

Our pioneering research results have been relayed in tens of scientific publication ranging from journal articles to academic books trough workshop articles.

See more in our publication section.

Public events

The AVENUE project was also presented exhibition stands on various events related to the mobility and sustainable development in Europe (i.e. the European Assizes of the energy transition and the mobility forum in Geneva and 100% mobilité in Archamps) and in the rest of the world (UITP forum in Jacksonville).

Due to the COVID crisis we also participated to online events like the third European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving, the European Commission’s Urban Mobility Days, the Second Annual Conference on Autonomous Vehicles and Public Transport, the Bus & Car Magazine Webinar, the AV Pilot Development Workshop.

The AVENUE project was also represented within the ITS world congress (Hamburg), the third European conference on connected and automated driving (EUCAD 2021), the 10th international congress on transportation research (ICTR 2021), the 17th international conference on artificial intelligence applications and innovations (AIAI2021), the 24th Euro working group on transportation meeting (EWGT), the 5th conference on sustainable urban mobility (CSUM2020).

You can find a comprehensive list of these events on the public events section.

Our Communication and dissemination plan and dissemination activities reports are available within the public deliverables section.