Webinar series


Services to monitor the Inside of AV Shuttleby AMobility/Holo and CERTH – October 8th 2022

A critical issue in the deployment of AVs in public transportation with no in-vehicle operator (or Safety Driver), is how to ensure the safety of the passengers, in case of in-vehicle incidents. A technology was developed and tested in several sites of the AVENUE project and is presented in the Webninar, organised by AMobility (HOLO) and CERTH.

Making AV Shuttles more accessible for PRMs by Siemens – October 11th 2022

Are autonomous vehicles usable and accessible by persons with reduced mobility? PRMs are not a homogeneous user group. Their needs for using public transport are depending on the type and degree of disability and the context of use. This webinar focusses on the special requirements of PRM for AVs resulting from the fact that assistance from a driver is not available when booking, paying, finding, embarking or debarking the shuttle and during the ride, especially in unexpected situations.

Safety and Service Qualityby CEESAR – October 14th 2022

The transition roadmap to Automated Minibuses has to include from the beginning safety and service quality to establish a sustainable business, delivering customer and social acceptance, supported by an improvement process coordinated by the public transportation authorities.