Advisory Board

Prof. Huei Peng

University of Michigan – MCity project director; Autonomous vehicle deployment under DOT, USA funding

Mr. Arthur Van Der Wees

Arthur’s Legal B.V. – Policy and legal issues related to IT; Leading the horizontal topics on trust, data, processing, protection, security, accountability and other strategic, ethical and legal topics for the 5 H2020 Large-Scale Pilots

Mr Benno Nager

Technical lawyer and overall project manager of Innovations Intelligent Transport Systems / ITS, at the Swiss Federal Roads Office

Mr. Sascha Ott

Managing Director of the Institute of Product Engineering at the Karlsrughe Institute of Technology

Demonstrator Sites

AVENUE is organised around 4 use cases of autonomous vehicles for public transportation, which represent the “large-scale demonstrators” of the project in Geneva (Switzerland), Lyon (France), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Luxembourg (Luxembourg).