After more than 4 years of daily operation all across Europe the state-of-the-art AVENUE project has succeeded in all its goals.

The main goal of this state-of-the-art project, which was to demonstrate that Automated Minibuses (AMs) represent tomorrow’s solution for Public Transit (PT) is totally fulfilled, our teams having concluded that if integrated as an On demand/Door-to-door PT service, AMs have the potential to become a game changer for urban mobility

The project teams concluded that the use of Autonomous Minibuses in public transport (and associated Door-to-door/On-demand services) has the potential to revolutionise the complete landscape of urban mobility.

The AVENUE project

H2020 AVENUE Project

Autonomous vehicles promise to be the next revolution in transportation, changing drastically how people move and make use of transport vehicles. Autonomous vehicle transportation will have an even higher impact and provide more services when used in the framework of public transport services, where they should find their first users in suburban areas that are less well served by traditional transportation networks.

In AVENUE’s vision of the future of public transportation in urban and suburban environments, autonomous vehicles will revolutionize the way citizens use public transportation by making time-tables and fixed bus stops obsolete and by offering a service that will allow passengers to call and hop a ride at any time, for example at their doorstep, and deposit them as close as possible to their destination.

Towards this vision and with demonstrators implemented for 4 years (with a 6-month extension) in various countries (France, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland), the AVENUE project validated the advantages that autonomous vehicles have to offer to public transportation, linked with new innovative passenger service and guaranteeing road and passenger safety. It also identified the issues, barriers, societal changes and economic consequences of the introduction of autonomous vehicles into the public transportation services’ offer.

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