Sales-Lentz is a major player in the field of passenger transport, in Luxembourg as well as the Greater Region. Its impressive vehicle fleet (with 500 vehicles) enables it to meet all types of transportation requirements, from the most straightforward personal mobility request to organised trips as well as transport for the public, schools, events or even group travel.

Sales-Lentz is actively involved in protecting the environment by purchasing vehicles which use renewable energy or compensating CO2 emissions with the aim of becoming a climate neutral company. Providing products which deliver shared value such as on-demand flexible transport, as well as night shuttle buses, demonstrates the company’s innovative spirit and its commitment to sustainable development.

Sales-Lentz is a socially responsible company. Our CSR approach is structured according to 3 sustainable development pillars:

  • social and societal engagement
  • the environment
  • the economy

With our fleet of high quality vehicles and qualified staff, we operate numerous daily services in the field of public transport, both as part of the RGTR (General Road Transport Network), under the aegis of the Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, (90 routes across the whole country), and as part of the AVL (Luxembourg City Buses), operating many services in the City network jointly with the City of Luxembourg, including the City Shopping Bus and the Late Night Bus. The fleet consists of mainly Diesel Euro 6 buses, 35 hybrid buses, 12 electric hybrid and 6 full electric City buses.

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