Mobile Thinking

MobileThinking SARL (MT) has been established as a mobile service development company in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2014. They base their business on the research and development of innovative mobile services and solutions. Their roots are a mix of expertises in the private and academic sector, allowing them to better understand business’ needs and requirements while still delivering innovative and dynamic solutions. Their team is composed of Ph.D. researchers and engineers, bringing both innovation and technical expertise together. MobileThinking combines the best of the two domains to provide beautiful, functional mobile applications and customer advice that goes beyond the state of the art solutions and consultancy services.

MT main goals are:

  • Create innovative and user-centric mobile applications and services to help their clients to realize their product ideas;
  • Build a solid reputation in the field of mobile services thinking, design, development, and evolution;
  • Increase the regional expansion with large scale projects collaborating with private and public clients (state, university, and other public institutions);
  • Be part of multidisciplinary project consortiums with partners from all over Europe, in which expertise and innovation about mobile applications and services are needed.

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