Autonomous Mobility is a public transport operator, which imports and operates autonomous vehicles in the Nordics and Baltics. Autonomous Mobility will use Copenhagen as test site in the AVENUE project.

In the city of Copenhagen there is a federated public transport system where different operators offer services under agreements with the city and state. Furthermore, the new Danish legislation, allowing test with autonomous vehicles on public roads (without a driver in the vehicle) enables Autonomous Mobility to operate in Copenhagen, with the approval of the municipality. The new law has a specific requirement stating that current PTA’s do not have a say in regards to allowing the tests, as the government wishes to foster new services serving the same users that today would use PTA’s. Amobility therefore operates in collaboration with The City of Copenhagen and CPH City&Port Development in regards to driving autonomously in the Copenhagen area.

Amobility already has collaboration with several existing PTA’s in the Copenhagen area, in the rest of Denmark as well as the Nordic Countries. These collaborations make it possible for Amobility to create links between existing public transport and the transport services delivered via the Autonomous Mobility Cloud.

The Autonomous Mobility Cloud is an on-demand service allowing the users to be transported door to door with autonomous, shared and sustainable mobility solutions. The cloud consists of the technological infrastructure enabling a seamless experience for users connected via apps to a portfolio of different types of autonomous vehicles. Over the next 1-2 years Autonomous Mobility will further expand the portfolio of vehicles and create more advanced features and integrations with the Mobility Cloud. The whole system will be integrated to existing public transport solutions in the Copenhagen area – and the rest of the Nordic and Baltic countries.

When autonomous vehicles become an integrated part of the cityscape, you as a user will be able to define your transportation needs – and order your solution via Autonomous Mobility’s mobility cloud. Minutes after you will get picked up exactly at your location and will be transported to your end destination.

Autonomous Mobility was established November 2016 in Copenhagen as a company in the Semler Group A/S, and since then we have been working intensely to get autonomous wheels on solid ground. We anticipate additional pilot programs to go live this fall and early spring and will work on integrating learnings from these projects into the AVENUE project.