Announcement: Last drive through the streets in Nordhavn

On the 26th of February 2021, Holo shuttle will take its last drive through the streets in Nordhavn (Copenhagen). Hurry up!!!
Don’t miss your chance to take a ride while it’s still available – Monday-Friday between 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00.

Announcement: Holo shuttles reached milestone of 50.000 driven km

Thumbs up to AVENUE partner Holo for reaching the milestone of 50.000 driven km with the shuttles this week!

Video: Holo’s self-driving bus in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district

As part of the EU-funded H2020 AVENUE Project, Holo offers a self-driving bus in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district. The route of 6 stops around Århusgade will be operating between August 2020-April 2022. Hop on the 100% electric autonomous shuttle on weekdays, 10 AM to 5 PM, absolutely free of charge! Check out the H2020 AVENUE Autonomous Shuttle route in Nordhavn, Copenhagen here:

Announcement: Holo launching autonomous minibus in Nordhavn, Copenhagen on 3rd of August!

AVENUE Project partner Holo will be launching an autonomous minibus in Nordhavn, Copenhagen on 3rd of August! The citizens of Copenhagen can hop on the offered route with 6 stops on weekdays between 10 and 17!

Annoucement: Holo has just completed the commissioning of sustainable transport platform in Nordhavn, Copenhaven

Parallel with Luxembourg, Geneva and Lyon, Copenhagen brings self-driving mobility solutions of the future to its citizens! Within the framework of AVENUE Project, our partner Holo has just completed the commissioning of sustainable transport platform in Nordhavn, a district focused on sustainability and innovation. Right from the beginning of August 2020, self-driving minibus will be rolling in the seafront area of Nordhavn, providing safe and sustainable mobility for the citizens of Copenhagen.

Read more about this exciting achievement, as well as about the offered route:

Press Release: The long road to getting AVs on the streets of Denmark

The legal framework for pilot projects with autonomous vehicles in Denmark stepped into force three years ago. Here’s our operator experiences so far.

To this date, only one project has been on the streets in Denmark, while two other approvals have been given. In the practical implementation of the law, a great number of barriers have appeared.

Announcement: Holo resuming autonomous operations in Ormøya

We are back! We are restarting the demonstrators of autonomous vehicles for public transport. Our site at Ormøya is operational with 3 shuttles and max 3 passengers.

More info at:

Announcement: Transport Minister inaugurates the self-driving bus in Aalborg East

On 5 March 2020, Aalborg East will write Danish history. The first pilot project with self-driving buses on Danish roads will be inaugurated here, and Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht will be there to cut the cord.

In December 2019, after almost 5 years of planning and application process, permission was granted for the first time in Denmark to conduct trials with self-driving buses. Since then, Holo has been busy with tests, setting up digital infrastructure and more tests, and on 5 March, together with Aalborg Municipality, Holo will open the route to the public.

“We’ve been working long and hard to get everything in place for the big day, when we roll out for the first time on Danish roads. The paperwork for approval is one thing, but preparing the route itself and setting up the digital infrastructure is another. Our operators, who will have their daily work in and around the buses, are looking forward to hitting the streets and showing what the self-driving buses can do” says CEO Peter Sorgenfrei from Holo.

All interested are welcome to attend the opening party at Sebbersundvej 2A, 9220 Aalborg East

Original article in Danish:

Snart kan du møde Torben i Smartbussen i Aalborg Øst

Published by Holo

Det første selvkørende forsøgsprojekt på dansk jord har nu fået den endelige godkendelse fra transportministeren. Operatør Torben Nyman er begejstret over snart at kunne byde beboerne i Aalborg Øst velkommen ombord på SmartBussen.

Nyheden om transportministerens underskrift på en bekendtgørelse har været længe ventet for Aalborg Øst-beboeren Torben Nyman. 

Han blev ansat for over et år siden til at være operatør i den selvkørende bus, som skal køre på Astrupstien i hans eget nabolag, men fordi godkendelsesprocessen har trukket i langdrag, har han indtil nu arbejdet på skift i Holos søsterprojekter i Göteborg og Oslo. Her har han opnået en driftserfaring, som må siges at være temmelig unik: Han har nemlig arbejdet over 900 timer i og omkring de selvkørende busser.

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Video: Holo’s participation in a Horizon 2020 project

Published by Holo

Finance, experience, and network. Product Development Lead Pernille Lytzen points out the benefits of being part of a Horizon 2020 project.

The Ministry for Higher Education and Research in Denmark is currently running an informative campaign for businesses about EU’s Horizon 2020.

They interviewed Pernille who talks about the benefits of being part of the Horizon 2020 project AVENUE, and how Holo has increased their knowledge and network through the consortium.

AVENUE is a project showcasing autonomous solutions in urban areas over the course of four years with Copenhagen (Nordhavn), Geneva, Lyon and Luxembourg as demonstrator cities. You can read more about the AVENUE Project and the Danish demonstrator site in Nordhavn.

The interview is in Danish.

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