Video: Holo’s participation in a Horizon 2020 project

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Finance, experience, and network. Product Development Lead Pernille Lytzen points out the benefits of being part of a Horizon 2020 project.

The Ministry for Higher Education and Research in Denmark is currently running an informative campaign for businesses about EU’s Horizon 2020.

They interviewed Pernille who talks about the benefits of being part of the Horizon 2020 project AVENUE, and how Holo has increased their knowledge and network through the consortium.

AVENUE is a project showcasing autonomous solutions in urban areas over the course of four years with Copenhagen (Nordhavn), Geneva, Lyon and Luxembourg as demonstrator cities. You can read more about the AVENUE Project and the Danish demonstrator site in Nordhavn.

The interview is in Danish.

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Announcement: HS PF awards perspective, teaching and research prizes

The “Research Excellence Award” was awarded to Pr Guy Fournier. He is part of the management team of the AVENUE project, which integrates autonomous minibuses into the public transport system of different cities in a large field trial and advances technical solutions.

The IAF’s Research Excellence Award in the Professors category was accepted by two individuals. First, Professor Dr. Guy Fournier from the Department of Industrial Engineering (WI) was honored. “Guy moved to Pforzheim more than ten years ago, where he has been instrumental in the internationalization of the WI department and the Faculty of Engineering. His international networking is essential for his research, in which he is particularly driven by sustainable mobility. He supports municipalities across Europe in energy and mobility issues,” said laudator Dr. Tobias Viere, Professor of Energy and Material Flow Analysis. An outstanding achievement in this area is the successful acquisition of an EU project with a total volume of 20 million euros and 16 partners from seven countries. Guy Fournier is part of the management team of the AVENUE project, which is integrating autonomous minibuses into the public transport systems of various cities in a large-scale field trial and advancing technical solutions. The knowledge gained will be the basis for recommendations on the further development of transport for governments and cities in Europe.

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News on Bestmile

On 15 November in Lyon, France, transport operator Keolis, Lyon’s public transport authority SYTRAL, autonomous shuttle maker Navya, and fleet orchestration provider Bestmile introduced a new autonomous shuttle service connecting the Décines Grand Large tram station (line T3) and the Parc Olympique Lyonnais stadium. The service includes two autonomous shuttles and is the result of Lyon’s efforts to address the challenges of integrating autonomous last-mile connections into the public transport network.

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NAVYA annonce le lancement d’un nouveau service de navettes autonomes entièrement intégré au réseau de transports en commun lyonnais

Article de Navya

Expérimentation sur route ouverte pour la desserte du Parc Olympique Lyonnais

Villeurbanne, France, le 18 novembre 2019 – 08h00 CET – Avec la mise en service vendredi dernier de deux navettes autonomes, NAVYA (FR0013018041- NAVYA), un leader des systèmes de conduite autonome, accompagne le développement technologique du réseau de transports en commun de la métropole lyonnaise.  


Ce service développé en collaboration avec le SYTRAL[1] et l’opérateur de transport Keolis, s’inscrit dans le cadre du dispositif européen AVENUE, «Autonomous Vehicles to Evolve to New Urban Experience», sélectionnée par le projet européen HORIZON 2020, pour le développement des véhicules autonomes dans les villes européennes. Les villes de Genève, Luxembourg et Copenhague ont aussi été retenues comme sites pilotes.

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Réunion plénière du projet AVENUE H2020

Mobile Thinking raconte les 3 journées de la réunion plénière du projet AVENUE H2020

Le lundi 7 octobre, le premier jour d’une réunion plénière de trois jours sur le projet H2020 AVENUE s’est tenu à l’Université de Genève, Battelle. Les 16 partenaires étaient tous présents et nous formions un groupe d’environ 35 personnes travaillant dans le même objectif «Donner aux véhicules autonomes les moyens d’évoluer vers une nouvelle expérience urbaine».

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Le deuxième jour de cette réunion plénière était dédié aux passagers. En termes d’exigences des utilisateurs, mais également de services destinés à accroître l’acceptation des véhicules autonomes par la population.

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Le troisième et dernier jour de la réunion plénière du project H2020 AVENUE s’est davantage concentré sur la promotion, les finances et l’administration.

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LCA of Autonomous Minibuses in Public Transportation Systems


Let’s Holo: New App to track the autonomous buses in real time

Let's Holo App

Holo wants to provide our riders with an easy way of seeing where our buses are located. In the first version of our brand new app, letsholo, you can track the autonomous buses in real time on all of our live sites.

Where is the next bus? How do I find out when the bus is in service? Where do I learn more about Holo?

This is a first step towards the app that we are all dreaming of: An interface that takes you where you want, when you want it with autonomous vehicles. For now, the app lets you track all of our live operations and find relevant service information.

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Google Play Store:

Lancement officiel du premier véhicule autonome sur le réseau des transports publics genevois

Grand-Lancy, le 17 septembre 2018

Les transports publics genevois (tpg) ont inauguré le lundi 17 septembre 2018, en présence des autorités, la ligne XA, dont le service est désormais assuré par un véhicule autonome. Son parcours permet de relier la gare ferroviaire de Meyrin au réseau des tpg.

Les Transports publics genevois (tpg) ont procédé le lundi 17 septembre 2018 à la mise en service officielle de la ligne XA sur le réseau des tpg. Le service de cette ligne est assuré désormais uniquement par un véhicule autonome.

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Sustainable Mobility Hackthon

Join the Sustainable Mobility Hackthon, in Geneva 13 and 14th of June 2019: make mobility more sustainable.

The challenges will incorporate autonomous driving, clean energy, inclusive mobility and more. In two days, no matter what you decided to do, your group will have to show some progress on the chosen challenge.

For who?

It’s a public event, open to anyone passionate about the topics, whether you are a student, professional or a retiree.

What are the challenges?

  • How might we reduce the environmental footprint of corporate vehicle fleets in Geneva? (SIG)How to reuse the energy spent on braking with an electric car? (AKKA Research)
  • High precision navigating system to improve the urban mobility of blind and impaired people. (The University of Geneva)
  • How to use bike sharing to develop a collaborative application showing the live air pollution map of Geneva? (Geneve Roule & The University of Geneva)

Register at

Maroš Šefčovič and 6 teen climate activists

Maroš Šefčovič – Vice President of the European Commission for the Energy Union and coordination of the EU Space Strategy

Following Greta Thunberg inspiring speech at the European Parliament this week, I am delighted to invite 6 of her hashtag#YouthForClimate peers from different European countries for a chat inside an autonomous electric minibus. We will be broadcasting live on the European Commission‘s main Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts on Tuesday 16:30 CET!

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