Un véhicule électrique autonome des TPG sillonne les rues de Meyrin (GE)

Source : RTS

Pour les Transports publics genevois (TPG), la ligne XA, inaugurée lundi, est symbole d’innovation. Le parcours de 2,1 kilomètres à travers le village de Meyrin (GE) est desservi par un véhicule autonome entièrement électrique.

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Des navettes électriques et autonomes à Genève

Source et vidéo: https://www.rts.ch/play/tv/12h45/video/des-navettes-electriques-et-autonomes-a-geneve?id=9849053

Un bus autonome à Meyrin

Source : lemanbleu.ch

Petite, silencieuse, la navette autonome assure en semaine, matin et soir aux heures de pointe un parcours en boucle sur 2 kms entre la gare de Meyrin et le réseau des trams au cœur du village.

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contern test bed for driverless bus

Source : Delano

The first autonomous vehicles in the grand duchy will be operational next week when two Sales-Lentz shuttles start in Contern.

The date was chosen to coincide with European Mobility Week, seven days in which communes mobilise to raise awareness about sustainable transport methods.

The autonomous Navya shuttle buses will be tested in Contern on Wednesday, according to L’Essentiel, which reported that Contern was selected along with Lyon, Copenhagen and Geneva as part of the European pilot project.

The buses were first presented on Automotive Day at the Goodyear test circuit on 7 June when Sales-Lentzsaid they would be operated on behalf of the commune. When fully operational, they will ferry passengers over a 3.5 kilometre route between the Contern business park and train station.

The buses, which are equipped with 15 seats and have space for 4 standing passengers, can reach maximum speeds of 45km/h with up to nine hours’ autonomy. They have neither pedals nor steering wheels and require no driver for the journey. However, Sales-Lentz said in June they would require an “escort” on board to inform passengers and intervene in the event of a technical problem.

“The human factor will therefore not disappear so soon, but the skills of the traditional driver will only be extended to meet the technological needs of these machines,” Sales-Lentz wrote on its website following the event.

It added that the buses will “meet a need that is not currently covered due to the lack of transport on the section in question.”

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Contern to host Luxembourg’s first driverless bus

Source : luxtimes.lu

Sales-Lentz to test autonomous buses to coincide with European Mobility Week

It was back in June when Luxembourg bus company Sales-Lentz announced it was going to launch the first driverless bus service in the Grand Duchy.

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Erster autonomer Bus soll in Contern fahren

Source : lessentiel.lu

CONTERN — Die Gemeinde wurde als neue Heimat für den ersten autonomen Shuttle-Bus Luxemburgs ausgewählt, der nächste Woche vorgestellt wird.

«Contern ist stolz darauf, den ersten autonomen Shuttle-Bus zu präsentieren, der in Luxemburg verkehren wird», schreibt die Gemeinde in einer Einladung, die am Donnerstag verschickt wurde.

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