Event: AVENUE at European Energy Transition Conference 2022

At the 23rd edition of the European Energy Transition Conference, the AVENUE project and how AVs contribute to CO2 reduction, was presented and explained by university of Geneva to more than 1.000 students from the Grand Genève.

More info at: https://assises-energie.org/

Announcement: Deployment of the new Belle-Idee system

Fully automated on-demand, door-to-door public transport is a reality TODAY! The TPG are deploying at the Belle-Idee site of Hospital of Geneva the first ever service.

At the end of last year AVENUE recruited ioki to join the project and be the provider of the On Demand Mobility Platform.

The new system had the following goals:

  • integration of autonomous shuttles ✅
  • into Public Transport ✅
  • within a flexible On Demand System ✅
  • on public roads ✅

Today the hard work payed of! TPG, Navya and ioki had a joint GoLive in Geneva and it worked! They did a booking, the vehicle picked them up on time, they drove fully autonomous and were dropped of at the desired destination

For ioki – a DB company it is huge milestone, since they now have multiple Self Driving Software Providers (beside Navya also EasyMile) integrated into our platform to serve the different mobility needs. Who wants to be the next?

Newspaper: Groothertogdom en anderen blijven geloven in autonome mini-shuttles

Source: Nieuwssite Duurzaam Mobiel

Date: 28.04.2022

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Groothertogdom en anderen blijven geloven in autonome mini-shuttles

Source: Duurzaam-mobiel

Date: 28.04.2022

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AVENUE on Swiss Federal Roads Office FEDRO website

The AVENUE project intermediate report of Belle-idee is now available on Swiss Federal Roads Office FEDRO website!

Read the full report here: https://www.astra.admin.ch/astra/en/home/topics/intelligente-mobilitaet/pilotversuche/erkenntnisse-aus-pilotversuchen.html

Video/News Article: SWI Swissinfo – Swiss move on with self-driving buses

Source: SWI Swissinfo
Date: 05 October 2021

Event: AVENUE at Forum Mobilité Geneva

Today in the Forum Mobilité in Geneva, Mr. Denis Berdoz, Director General of AVENUE consortium member TPG presented the vision for Geneva Mobility 2030 and the role of Autonomous Vehicles in Public Transport.

More info at: https://tpg.ch/fr/cap2030

Newspaper: Le Quotidien – Un ascenseur horizontal à Esch

Source: Le Quotidien
Date: 15 September 2021