Newspaper: 20 Minutes – Bus sans chauffeur et à la demande, via une application

Source: 20 minutes
Date: 18 June 2020

Newspaper: SWI Swissinfo – Des navettes autonomes sur demande testées à Genève

Source: SWI Swissinfo
Date: 18 June 2020

Press Release: The long road to getting AVs on the streets of Denmark

The legal framework for pilot projects with autonomous vehicles in Denmark stepped into force three years ago. Here’s our operator experiences so far.

To this date, only one project has been on the streets in Denmark, while two other approvals have been given. In the practical implementation of the law, a great number of barriers have appeared.

Selvkørende busser ruller snart ud i Nordhavnen: »Vi skal ikke tilbage til den offentlige transport, der var før pandemien«

Source: Politiken

Date: 03.06.2020

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Event: The 5th AVENUE General Meeting

On the 14th and 15th of May 2020, our 5th Plenary was a success! PT operators willingness to deploy autonomous vehicles technologies remains intact! In fact COVID-19 measures pave the way for on-demand D2D highly personalised public transport services

Announcement: Holo resuming autonomous operations in Ormøya

We are back! We are restarting the demonstrators of autonomous vehicles for public transport. Our site at Ormøya is operational with 3 shuttles and max 3 passengers.

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Dansk operatør: Lige nu opsøger vi ikke flere førerløse projekter i Danmark

Source: Ingeniøren

Date: 04.05.2020

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Announcement: Covid-19 – Message to our members and partners

Dear partners, dear members of the Advisory board,

due to evolving situation with the COVID-19 and the travel restrictions imposed by the different European countries,
the management board of the project decided that we cannot maintain the physical General meeting in Copenhagen in May.
We therefor will hold the meeting in a videoconferencing mode, so please keep the 2 days reserved from other activities to join the virtual meeting.

One advantage in organising a virtual general meeting is that more people from your institutions can participate in specific targeted meetings (for example for a specific Task where an expert of your institution participates but would not had made sense to join a full 2 day physical meeting).

We will set up with the project board an adapted plan for the meeting to fit the video conference mode.
A proposal will be send to you as soon as possible.

All the best and thank you for your understanding

Driverless shuttles: the latest from two European projects

Source: Robohub

Date: 11.03.2020

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