Magazine: Mobilités Magazine – Changement d’échelle pour les navettes autonomes

Source: Mobilités Magazine n°46
Date: March 2021

What are public policy advances in EU for the faster launch of Automated Vehicles services in Public transport?
The AVENUE Project Scientific Coordinator Prof. D. Attias indicates the project’s advances & their potential for the future of services with autonomous shuttles

Want to learn about the public policy advances in Europe for the faster introduction of autonomous vehicle services in Public Transportation? In the Mobilités Magazine n°46, proposals of the removal of the safety-driver in tests with these vehicles from 2021 and the increase in operational speed to a maximum of 60km/h on certain roads are presented. The scientific coordinator of the AVENUE Project, Prof. Danielle ATTIAS, indicates the project’s proposals & advances along with their potential for the future of services with autonomous shuttles as a complement to public transportation. The new business models that can emerge through this market innovation are also being discussed.

Video: Deployment of autonomous mini-buses in Luxembourg, by Sales-Lentz

A video was created by Sales-Lentz presenting their deployment of autonomous mini-buses in Luxembourg:

Radio: Radio Lac – Interview with Marc Chatlain (TPG)

Source: Radio Lac (Link 1, Link 2)
Date: 23 March 2021

Marc Chatelain (TPG) was invited to Radio Lac Podcast to discuss EU’s Horizon 2020 AVENUE project and the Belle-Idée demonstrator site deployment.

Interview fragment about the AVENUE project


Interview fragment about the Belle-Idée demonstrator site


Robotbussen kørte sidste runde

Source: Nordhavn-avis

Date: 01.03.2021

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