New Scientific Article: Autonomous Vehicles toward a Revolution in Collective Transport

Abstract: Autonomous public transport is not a fantasy anymore. At least 92 experimentations with autonomous shuttles for collective transport (ASCTs) have been running in different cities around the world. The deployment of autonomous shuttles opens up a wide range of possibilities in rethinking urban mobility, with a greater focus on users, new services, and reduced urban traffic congestion. The prospective analysis of these possibilities produces original, innovative forecasts with new scenarios for ASPT based on three strong drivers of change, i.e., technological innovation, new mobility behavior, and new business models for public transport. Furthermore, the deployment of ASCTs will considerably modify costs of urban externalities and extend inclusion. The chapter presents how the implementation of autonomous shuttles may revolutionize the public transport.

Autonomous Vehicles toward a Revolution in Collective Transport
Sylvie Mira Bonnardel, Fabio Antonialli and Danielle Attias
Book: Autonomous Vehicle and Smart Traffic
Date: 9 September 2020, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.89941
Download: Publisher’s version (Gold Open Access)