Event: The 5th AVENUE General Meeting

On the 14th and 15th of May 2020, our 5th Plenary was a success! PT operators willingness to deploy autonomous vehicles technologies remains intact! In fact COVID-19 measures pave the way for on-demand D2D highly personalised public transport services

Announcement: Holo resuming autonomous operations in Ormøya

We are back! We are restarting the demonstrators of autonomous vehicles for public transport. Our site at Ormøya is operational with 3 shuttles and max 3 passengers.

More info at: https://letsholo.com/news/resuming-autonomous-operations-in-ormya

Dansk operatør: Lige nu opsøger vi ikke flere førerløse projekter i Danmark

Source: Ingeniøren

Date: 04.05.2020

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