Geneva Site description

Geneva City

The Geneva Canton, composed of 45 municipalities, with a population of 500.000, is one of the most densely populated areas of Switzerland. In the last 40 years the Geneva canton population increased by more almost 50% passing from 340.000 (mid 70’s) to 500.000 (today). The big part of the population increase was absorbed by the sub-urban communities. As a result the population of many rural areas has more than doubled in the last 40 years, with an explosion of private car commuting. Geneva is also major regional economic center, and each day more than 100.000 persons enter the canton to work.

The Geneva Public Transport network, named UNIRESO, is an interconnected system of trams, buses, trolleys (TPG), mouettes (transport boats) and trains (CFF) in the canton of Geneva. The whole system is fully integrated use the same tickets and coordinated time-tables. The public transport in the Geneva Canton represents the most common model of public transport, based on a backbone of surface tramway and a network of buses and trolleys. It is composed of 33 km of tramways, 30 Km of trolleybus and 360km of buses (200 km urban and 160 km suburban)


The pilot site

In order to deploy a fleet of autonomous Shuttles as part of the Avenue project, an agreement has been reached with the Belle-Idée site in Thonex, in the Canton of Geneva. The Belle-Idée site is a Psychiatric as well as elderly Hospital and part of the University Hospital in Geneva (HUG). The HUG is committed in the development of green mobility initiatives. The Belle-Idée site offers:

Private property 

  • Visitors do not need a badge to enter the site 
  • Main entrances closed by barriers 
  • Only accessible by motor vehicle after invitation
  • Always accessible by foot or bicycle
  • Bus line (1) and (31) through the main axe of the site
  • Speed limit: 30 km/h in the whole zone

From the start of the project, between 2 and 4 vehicles will be running on the site, on a network of routes with around 10-35 stops.

The picture below provides a first idea of possible routes at the Belle-Idee site.

Geneva Site