Call for Expression of Interest for replication sites

Call for Expression of Interest for replication sites


AVENUEis an EU funded project under Horizon 2020. The project started on the 1st of May 2018 and lasts for four years with a consortium composed of 16 partners .

AVENUEaims to design and carry out full scale demonstrations of urban transport automation by deploying fleets of autonomous mini-buses in low to medium demand areas of four European demonstrator cities: Geneva, Lyon, Copenhagen and Luxemburg; and later on in three replicator cities.

The AVENUE vision for future public transport in urban and suburban areas, is that autonomous vehicles will ensure safe, rapid, economic, sustainable (within urban transportation sustainable most often refers to electric vehicles) and personalized transport of passengers, while minimizing vehicle changes. The goal is to provide door to door autonomous transport allowing commuters to benefit from autonomous vehicles, integrated to existing public transportation services, and study the socio-economic issues and impact of the integration of autonomous vehicles in public transportation.

In- and out-of vehicle services that substantially enhance the passenger experience, the overall quality of the service and the value added to the passenger will be introduced, targeting also elderly people, people with disabilities and vulnerable users. Road behavior and security of the autonomous vehicles as well as passenger safety, are central points to the AVENUE project.

At the end of the AVENUE project, the mission is to have demonstrated that autonomous vehicles will be part of the future of public transport. The AVENUE project will demonstrate the economic, environmental and social potential of autonomous vehicles - for both companies and public commuters - while assessing the vehicle road behavior safety.


Replication sites in the AVENUE project

Starting in the third year of the project (May 2020), AVENUE foresees demonstration activities in at least three additional European sites, operated or supported by new partners that will be integrated in the project.

Starting with an autonomous shuttle service operating under standard commercial deployment conditions, selected developed AVENUE services will be set up in these sites and integrated in their public transport services. The replication sites chosen in the AVENUE project will apply and evaluate the AVENUE Platform, the transport service optimization, in-and out-of vehicle services as well as vehicle-to-platform interfaces, according to their needs and the state of their existing implemented services.

The AVENUE project also aims at involving the replication sites in the  re-definition of passenger needs and user requirements, the understanding of barriers and drivers regarding the project's objectives, as well as in training and knowledge transfer, in order to be able to implement a combination of solutions within a few years after the end of the project


Call for expression of interest for replicator sites


Are you interested to participate to the AVENUE project as a replication site? 

Please write to us providing a 1 page overview of your site, your deployment plans, and other issues that might be relevant, and we will get in touch with you.

What the new partners will receive

The new sites will be integrated in the project as full partners. As partners of the project they will have access, install and test the developed services, propose new services for possible development in the project , join and have access to the network and knowledge developed in AVENUE, participate in the dissemination activities organized by the project in international and local levels to promote their site and services, collaborate with all the project experts and share knowledge and experience with other partners, and contribute to socio-economic evaluation that will be made with the help of the project experts.,

The new partners will also receive a 100.000€ contribution from the project, covering additional costs for the adoption of the AVENUE platform and services.

Expected results

  • Application and evaluation of the AVENUE platform and the transport service optimization
  • Deployment and evaluation of selected AVENUE in-and out-of vehicle services
  • Involvement of replication sites in:
  • Definition/validation of passenger needs and user requirements
  • Understanding of barriers and drivers regarding the project's objectives
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Communication and dissemination on the AVENUE project and result

Tendering mechanisms and procedures

Who can participate/apply?

Public Transport Agencies/operators or private companies that

  • have experience with autonomous shuttle tests, demos or pilots and
  • have autonomous busses as a public transport service running in a European city by May 2020, and
  • are interested to provide innovative services (door-to-door, fleet optimization, personalized service etc).

In order to prove and test AVENUE’s final solution as a vehicle-agnostic solution supporting various brands and types of vehicles, priority and strong encouragement will be given to those applicants that are proposing an autonomous shuttle project integrating shuttles  from a new/different manufacturer than the one present in the project (that is Navya).


Selection criteria

The choice of the replication sites will be made based on the following criteria:

Experience in operating, testing, or demonstrating a public transportation service using autonomous vehicles
  • A running AV project OR the legal authorization to start the operations of autonomous shuttles by May 2020
  • Strategic plan and commitment of the candidate sites for the deployment under commercial exploitation of autonomous vehicles integrated to existing  public transportation services (supported by a roadmap)
  • The maturity of the existing services offered for shared public transportation with autonomous vehicles (technical excellence, maturity and novelty compared to the state-of- the-art or market, ambition)
  • Capabilities of the proposer:
  • Technological capability of the proposer to successfully deliver the promised results
  • Integration with existing public transportation services
  • Feasibility of installing and using the services
  • Benefit and impact: Expected benefit for user or customer, impact on society and environment in relation to cost, and impact on AVENUE project
  • Commitment of collaboration with other partners in the socio-economic studies targeted by the project

Time plan

  • March 2019: Publication of full tender with details (including required documentation to be provided, full submission procedure and deadlines) – invitation to selected interested sites
  • March 2019 to October 2019: Open period for applicants to submit their proposals
  • 15 October 2019: Deadline for the submission of applications / proposals
  • End of November 2019: Announcement of the selected sites
  • End of February/March 2020:  Completion of the Administrative integration of the sites in the project
  • May 1st 2020 : full integration to the project, participation in the General meeting (kick-off meeting for the new partners)

Project Web site :

Contact for information :

Prof. Dimitri Konstantas, AVENUE Project Coordinator