The AVENUE project aims to translate the technical evolutions, operational and behavioural challenges, into a successful integrated autonomous public transportation service (for example, but not limited to: elderly persons & persons with special needs or to areas with medium or weak accessibility), adapted for the needs of passengers and to city strategies and urban development planning.
Specifically, we aim to provide the answers and solutions to the following questions so as to empower the public transportation users and ensure the viability of autonomous vehicles in public transport services

The vision behind the project is to develop and demonstrate economically and environmentally viable, highly personalised, safe and secure transport services, where the autonomous vehicle services (like itinerary, time table etc.) are dynamically adapted to the individual user needs and are integrated into the public transport eco-system of the cities. We dream of public transport services where there will be no time tables and no predefined destinations, with tenths of mini, medium and large shared autonomous vehicles roaming the city in a seemingly random way, picking up and dropping off passengers anywhere and at any time, but which in reality will be highly coordinated by sophisticated itinerary optimisation algorithms. With the use of mobile technologies and cloud IT services, passengers will define their needs for a ride, and based on nearby vehicle availability, current vehicle itinerary, vehicle load, and other announced (or anticipated!) passenger needs, (and possibly on the acceptable price!), the vehicle itinerary will be modified to pick up the passenger from the requested point and drop them off at their destination or at an acceptable nearby point. All this in full coordination and use of other existing transport means, so that we can offer the passenger the optimal way for his travel needs.